Tired of slipping on a sweaty yoga mat or a distracting towel that bunches on your mat?  Take your yoga practice to a new level by using a plush, absorbent NamaSTAY Yoga Towel with sleeves to attach to your yoga mat.  Sleeves Logo Watch our video about NamaSTAY Yoga Towels

How is a NamaSTAY Towel different?  When you slide your yoga mat into the sleeves at the ends of your NamaSTAY Yoga Towel, you immediately realize this patented yoga mat towel will stay in place during your asanas. Throughout your yoga practice, you are able to maintain firm gripping traction on your NamaSTAY Yoga Towel with no slipping.  Plus, your yoga mat stays clean and protected, as this non-slip yoga towel traps germs, dirt and bacteria until it’s washed.

Quick drying and extremely absorbent, this lightweight hot yoga towel helps to keep you safe and confident during your yoga practice. You can finally focus on your poses without being distracted by a yoga mat towel that bunches up on your mat.

During savasana, you melt into the heavenly soft texture of this luxurious yoga towel.  Now that’s the way yoga class should be!

This 100% recyclable yoga mat towel is available in 3 sizes to fit all standard size yoga mats (68″ X 24″ Small OR 72″ X 26″ Medium OR 85″ X 26″ Large). Plus, it’s machine washable. Perfect for any style of yoga, including hot yoga or Bikram yoga.

namastay-yoga-spray-and-towelCheck out our new NamaSTAY Yoga Spray – an antibacterial, all-natural spray to clean yoga mats or freshen yoga towels or clothes.  It has a heavenly, unisex scent made from the highest quality non-greasy essential plant oils, including:  lavender, patchouli, and tea tree oil.  You will fall in love with this amazing scent!