Erin Motzenbecker"NamaSTAY Yoga Towels. Definitely the coolest yoga towel I've ever used. This is the ONLY towel that doesn't slide all over your mat or bunch up under you when you move around. The corners actually wrap around your mat to keep it in place. They have a few different colors with an "OM" symbol right at the top, so in addition to being functional, they're beautiful to practice on."

Erin Motzenbecker
Huffington Post

Kaila Proulx"What makes the NamaSTAY yoga towel so great is that it’s FULL length of my mat and has these awesome flaps on the top and bottom that allow you to tuck your mat into it. This ensures that it stays in place and doesn’t slide or scrunch no matter how much movement you do on it.

The towel is made of microfiber so it’s super absorbent and dries almost immediately after class. It’s also really soft so it feels great on my hands and feet….plus super comfy during savasana!

The towel is also machine washable which is great because it certainly needs a good cleaning after a sweaty class! I also love the fact that it creates a barrier between my mat and my sweat so that my mat isn’t constantly being exposed to all that nastiness! Ha!

Speaking of cleanliness, the folks at NamaSTAY also sent along some of their Yoga Spray for me to try as well! Made from pure essential oils, this stuff smells incredible! A lot like tea tree oil actually…with a hint of citrus! The spray is all natural and antibacterial so it’s safe to use directly on your mat and does a great job of freshening it while killing bacteria. I feel much better using this stuff for cleaning my mat, than harsh chemicals that could ruin it or irritate my skin.

Both products are reasonably priced and definitely worth the investment to improve your practice and make it more enjoyable over all!"

Kaila Proulx
Healthy Helper

Maria Santoferraro"I’ve been test-driving my very own NamaSTAY towel for the past few weeks and absolutely love it. The fabric is super soft and feels downright luxurious under my feet and on my hands when I’m in downward facing dog. I believe this towel just may be responsible for improving my practice, as it absorbs the sweat and provides a firmer grip for my hands and feet. Even savasana is a little more yummy with this extra cushion of comfort on top of my yoga mat."

Maria Santoferraro
Daily Downward Dog

Michaela Best “Don’t you just love it when someone takes a functional product and adds an ingenious feature that makes it a superb one? Kind of like when you take jelly and add it to a peanut butter sandwich! Cleveland-based NamaSTAY Yoga Towels did just that by adding sleeves to their yoga towels that securely wrap around both ends of the mat – a genius idea since you never have to worry about the towel slipping off the mat during your yoga practice again. In fact, the U.S. Trademark office liked the idea so much that they recently awarded a patent to the product.”

Michaela Best

Black Dog Asana"Thank you NamaSTAY for building the better light bulb… metaphorically we mean – by creating a yoga mat towel that doesn’t compete for your attention during yoga, and allows you to be truly present in every pose and mindful of what you should be focusing on. We’re not saying that this towel magically makes yoga easy, make you more flexible, or stronger- but it will remove the problem of your mat shifting around on you, eliminating one of the main distractions in yoga!"

Black Dog Asana

Alex Tan"I was totally digging that my NamaSTAY needed ZERO re-adjustment throughout class and gave me excellent grip regardless what pose I was in during my practice.

I also love the Sky Blue color and OM symbol! The embroidered symbol doubles as a reminder and my drishti. You get my drisht? Heh. My colleagues were also complementing on the fit and color of the towel once they saw it. Nonetheless, my towel is a hit for my practice and aesthetically."

Alex Tan
I Am Schmiggy

Lindsay Fields"The name NamaSTAY is spot on as this towel truly stays in place and, if you're like me and you like to get your sweat on, you know how important and helpful this feature is. A good, absorbent towel that doesn't slide around is necessary for safety during Hot Yoga practice."

Lindsay Fields

Brian"The innovative NamaSTAY Yoga Towel goes beyond the traditional towel by adding sleeves at both ends of the towel that hug your yoga mat so that it stays flat and in place. No more bunching and scrunching! The towel is made of light-weight, quick-drying, absorbent microfiber fabric. The towel just stayed in place and soaked up all the sweat I could give it."

Daily Cup of Yoga

Jenn Pesce"NamaSTAY, the newly patented yoga towel covering for mats will keep communal germs and slippery surfaces at bay while you asanay. Simply slip your mat into the convenient sleeves at each end of the towel so the only shifts you’ll feel are within rather than beneath you, since we all know plain towels atop mats rarely stay aligned. A portion of all proceeds from NamaSTAY Yoga Towels benefit Coalition for the Homeless."

Jenn Pesce
Yoga Dork

Lexi Yoga"I really love the soft plush material of this towel, as it feels nice on my skin, especially when I'm relaxing in savasana. Most yoga towels are thin and feel a bit rough on your body, but this one is extra soft with more cushion. The hours spent on a yoga mat should be enjoyable for your body, and this NamaSTAY yoga towel is super comfortable and luxurious."

Lexi Yoga

Jessica Ewart"... does it have those nifty rubber bumps that help to secure a traditional yoga towel in place? No. Why? Because the design of the towel itself is so smart that you don’t need those rubber thingamajigs to hold it in place…the absence of rubber bumps creates a smooth, soft surface for me to rest against when we come to our bellies or backs during the practice. It also has pretty sanskrit drishti embroidered at the top of the towel. Not a power yogi? A yoga towel this soft can enhance any practice. Imagine taking a yin class and resting your forehead on this super plush fabric in Anahatasana."

Jessica Ewart
Yoga Stage

"This is my second NamaSTAY towel. I've had the first one for a year, and though I have other towels, this is by far my favorite.

First of all, the pockets are truly genius. I use the towel on my Manduka Black Mat Pro, and it fits it like a glove and always stays completely put.

Second, it has truly changed my practice. I easily get clammy hands and feet and I have yet to find a mat I completely trust not to slip on. I initially bought this towel to prevent slipping in Vinyasa yoga where I build up quite a sweat, and it has worked perfectly. I haven't worried about slipping for a year, and it has made yoga a different experience for me as I can now go into poses fully and with confidence.

Furthermore, whereas most yoga towels need to be moist to grip, the NamaSTAY towel works both wet and dry for me, which makes it extremely reliable and versatile. I use it for Hatha yoga too and even for Restorative and Yin yoga where the softness of the towel is a real treat. Except for washing, it never leaves my mat now.

I have also come to appreciate how easy it is to bring to class. Before I leave home, I just put the towel on my mat, roll the mat up and put it in my bag. No bulging up with extra bags or pockets to stuff the towel in and no fiddling to get it adjusted when I get to class. I just unroll the mat and I'm set."

Cecile K.

Teachasana.  By yoga teachers, for yoga teachers."When I tried out the NamaSTAY Yoga Towel I was plesantly surprised at how well it worked. With other microfiber towels I have tried, I actually found that I slip more if my hands aren’t sweaty enough! With the NamaSTAY towel I had excellent grip and stuck right to it from the very start. I felt a bit like spider man in my downward facing dog!"

Teachasana. By yoga teachers, for yoga teachers.

"Yesterday was day three of using my NamaSTAY towels in Bikram. If I had to sum it up in a single word, 'phenomenal' would be it. The combination of the pockets on the end and the weight of the material keep it completely and firmly planted on my mat. Even after a really intense class (sweating even more buckets than normal!), the towel doesn't skip a beat. It's an outstanding product, very well done! Looking forward to ordering even more in the future!"

Len Mitchell Connecting You to Yoga"We couldn’t wait to try out the NamaSTAY towel and after a week of yoga classes – everything from yoga with weights to a challenging heated power flow—we’re impressed with how well it stayed in place. The NamaSTAY towel did not budge, which is something we can’t say for any of the other yoga towels we’ve tried." Connecting You to Yoga